My post about the starving boy went viral but this reply will keep you crying. Sorry.

Yesterday’s post has so far had over 7000 Facebook likes and has been shared thousands of times. If we all shared these stories – not just from me but everyone who is a witness to the suffering caused by this Tory government – we could secure a win for Labour and change this country into something to be proud of.

There are nearly 70 comments so far on the blog post and they’re coming in too fast for me to read and approve them at the moment BUT  this comment below came to me privately through my budget cooking page because this beautiful lady didn’t want to be identified. She’s given me permission to share her story anonymously. It has a happy ending.

“I’ve just read your article about you losing it over a tin of beans in Morrisons.

I felt that I had to message you because I was that teenager.

I was kicked out by my Mum’s boyfriend when I was 14, I’ve lived in hostels and bedsits. I’ve been in some dangerous situations but mostly I’ve been on my own. I didn’t tell people, I lied, I stole food, I had no money.

I didn’t go to school because I had no clean clothes because I hadn’t had a shower and because I didn’t have any hot water or deodorant. I was bullied and laughed at and left out but mostly I was on my own.

I was invisible.

I can promise you that, that teenager will be grateful for you, not just the supplies but that one other person in this world can see him the real him, not the him that he puts on. 

I’m married now with kids and I’ve a very happy person.

I’m lucky nothing really bad happened to me.

I’ve not thought about when I was a teenager for a long time but your article made my cry for the little girl I use to be.

I just wanted to say that I wish I had, had someone like you that knew the real me all those years ago.”