Dear MP, let me introduce you to your heroin workforce . . .

And no, that’s not a mis-spelling. I’m talking about the men who are heroin addicts and are paid by the bag at the end of a long day labouring.

I suspect that one of them, who I have fed over the years, is living in the property in this cover photo.  If you are an MP worth your salt (and the vote of your constituents) you’ll know exactly where this is. It’s just up the road from the pub that burned down  last week. The pub where the homeless men were living before they moved to this beauty of a place. 

The new place is conveniently close to the local taxi office in case its services are needed. It’s also a stone’s  throw from the rooms at £65 a week where I used to take food to the addict and his mum. These were divided up rooms above a shop. The one I visited could be at best described as a rip-off slum and at worst, a death trap.

I used to bump into my heroin addict friend at the local Co-op store in the mornings.  He was usually covered in rubble dust after working through the night knocking down walls to renovate  properties in Manchester, owned by a local solicitor. 

In spite of  being filthy, hungry and knackered he was always in good spirits because at least he had his fix for the day.

Who says work doesn’t pay?

Oh, you may want to get this property tidied up a bit (unless it’s also burned down) before the £32 million regeneration of the local mill is completed. All those hotel guests may be a bit horrified if they see the conditions that the local workers are living in.

Many thanks for reading and I hope the campaigning is going well.

Al the best

Gill x

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