Excuse me Lidl but this is not the response we were looking for.

Unfortunately, the response from Lidl tonight does not answer my question. Do you think they are agreeing in this e mail response to let me pick up their end of day waste for the Foodbank? Are they still going to allow the stores already doing this to continue? Or will they sack all the managers who have agreed to pass on food to their starving communities? Feel free to e mail and ask them yourself or retweet my tweets to them or post to their Facebook page. All of the above would be good.

Dear Ms Watson

Re: Your Contact
Thank you for taking the time to speak with me.
As a major retailer we are aware of our responsibility to help combat hunger across the UK and to keep food waste to an absolute minimum. Lidl UK donates to food banks including FareShare, His Church, the Salvation Army and various other local food bank initiatives across the country.

Our business model dictates that we operate a streamlined, efficient supply chain to offer our customers the best possible quality and value, and avoid any unnecessary food waste. This approach is adhered to throughout every step of our supply chain which starts with an efficient ordering process in store whereby our store managers will order on a ‘Just-in-Time’ basis so that, not only are our customers getting the freshest products at all times, but that we are ordering a realistic amount of stock each day.
I hope this information is helpful.
Yours sincerely,
For and on behalf of Lidl UK GmbH

Karyn Meek
Customer Service

[T] + 44 (0) 370 444 1234
[E] customer.services@lidl.co.uk

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4 thoughts on “Excuse me Lidl but this is not the response we were looking for.

  1. According to Laura Hamlin the PR Manager – the customer services manager should not have made that statement to you earlier.. And each store is free to work with local food banks etc if they wish as part of Lidls policy to reduce waste.. Streamline shizzle etc etc.. Blah di blah. In other words keep doing what you are doing!

    • Oh God really Rebecca? How, when and where did you find this out? Do you mean the lovely deputy won’t get sacked for saying I can have the end if say stuff. Are you a goddess? Have you sorted all my troubles for me?

  2. I have seen your response to Gill Watson. It is not clear. This lady works hard for our community and for people less fortunate than you or I. I understand the food waste in this country is an alarming amount which is unforgiveable when we have people struggling to make ends meet. Come on lidl. Think about others not just your own profits

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